Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This site is in beta, our privacy policy is being written as you read this.

Please only post information here that you are happy is not private or that you are happy to share with the world.. remember this is the internet after all!


Any information that is posted or added to this site is available globally, as such there is no privacy to the information that is published on this platform.

Shatoshi's House will not be liable for any loss, damage or otherwise causal effects, circumstances or relationships that occur as a result of you (the user/ advertiser) using this platform. Either to buy, sell or swap any item, good or service.

As a condition of using this site you agree that we may contact you with information regarding the status, policy changes and other matters relating to the use and promotion of this platform.


You information will NOT be shared with any third party or agency. The only circumstances where information will be provided to any external agency/ government body is when it relates to specifically the user of the platform and any illegal, terrorism or money laundering activites.

We are happy to invite you to join this project, it's going to be massive.


Welcome aboard...... To the Moon!

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